Welcome! The Clarke Family Foundation formerly known as The Aloe Institute

Welcome! The Clarke Family Foundation formerly known as The Aloe Institute

Welcome! The Clarke Family Foundation formerly known as The Aloe InstituteWelcome! The Clarke Family Foundation formerly known as The Aloe InstituteWelcome! The Clarke Family Foundation formerly known as The Aloe Institute


Welcome to the Clarke Family Foundation, formerly known as The Aloe Institute. 

 The Aloe Institute has been transitioned to the Clarke Family Foundation by its leaders to reflect changes in the original mission of The Aloe Institute. While still concerned with the health applications of the aloe plant, the new foundation has broadened its scope to include supporting research and efforts outside of the aloe plant’s medical and health applications to include other treatments seeking to combat a host of different health issues. 

It is the Clarke family’s sincere wish that their efforts will lead to advancements that will provide people with the opportunity to live healthier, more active lives.

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Your tax-deductible contribution supports ongoing scientific research exploring new and emerging medical benefits of aloe.

The Institute was founded on the Clarke family trust, ensuring that 99 cents out of every donated dollar is invested in research and informational programs promoting the medicinal values of organic aloe vera.

Your donations fund:

  • Further research into gastrointestinal and digestive research with aloe
  • The role of aloe in diabetes control
  • The role of aloe in cholesterol reduction
  • Enhanced aloe skin care research
  • Burn care research
  • Publication of the Institute's monthly newsletter
  • Ongoing maintenance of the Institute's database on news, discoveries and aloe research

To Give by Mail: Simply mail a check to:  

The Clarke Family Foundation Attn: Jane B. Grace

5200 Brittany Dr. South, #309 

St. Petersburg, 33715

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How we started . . .

Following a successful, lucrative career in industry, Jess and Evelyn Clarke, Sr. transformed their active retirement years into a not-for-profit organization combining the spirit of philanthropy with strong core family values to form The Clarke Family Foundation. Since 1997, the Institute has been their personal living and giving legacy, paying something back to a world that has given them so much joy. The succession of family leadership at the Institute continues the Clarke’s relentless pursuit of the much-needed research to unlock the many breakthrough secrets still lying within the aloe plant.

"The values they have lived by and their strong desire for family projects makes The Clarke Family Foundation a perfect vehicle."

--The Clarke Family


The Clarke Family Foundation Today

Today, family members Jane B. Grace (daughter) and Jess F. Clarke, Jr. (son), along with Ellen L. Fried, comprise the Institute’s Board of Directors. The founders’ succession plan ensured that the decision-making process remains a “family” responsibility in keeping with their core values of care and open communication. The Institute continues forward in its pursuit of its Core Goals:

  • To continue funding high-value, Aloe related research projects with the greatest immediate impact.
  • To nurture global interest in Aloe through knowledge sharing and the dissemination of research findings to the scientific community and educational institutions.
  • To identify and fund other promising, charitable organizations with like-minded goals for humankind.
  • To broaden global acceptance and use of aloe as an integral part of every wellness program.



"Our founders Jess and Evelyn Clarke were very farsighted. They anticipated that encouraging self sufficiency in their children and grandchildren would present constant and challenging opportunities.

Remaining true to their intent and living up to their expectations, we continue to operate with the ideals of our founders in mind.

Pursuing strategies including grant making and investing concepts, our hope is to strengthen and share what we learn. The Clarke Family Foundation has engaged in two areas of interest--Aloe Research, Aloe Education and most recently, eye care as both parents had macular degeneration. We have selected programs and projects that will lead to enriching society through medical research and education. I hope that you will join us in our quest for knowledge that heals, cures and improves the lives of people worldwide.”

Jane B. Grace
President, The Clarke Family Foundation

Success Stories



"We lived in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas where aloe plants proliferate. An acquaintance there was suffering from a really severe and painful burn from a motorcycle exhaust pipe. We gave her a fresh aloe vera leaf. She applied the gel and the pain subsided instantly. The burn began healing immediately and it was the most dramatic result I had ever seen with aloe.

Another acquaintance had a burn on his arm so serious that it was literally keeping him out of work. Numerous different doctor visits and treatments offered no results. Finally, we asked him if he had tried aloe vera. No! he exclaimed, none of his physicians had ever suggested it. He began treating his wound with aloe vera gel and almost immediately it began to close up. He was finally able to resume work within days.

My sister's husband had a persistent sinus infection he just couldn't shake. He began drinking an aloe vera juice and six weeks later, his congestion began to break up and his sinuses eventually cleared."

- Jan McCoy, a friend of The Clarke Family Foundation



Stacy Leffingwell - "I want everyone to know about aloe vera! because there is no end to what it can do for your health, and your pet's health."



Stacy Leffingwill - "Aloe Vera for your pet's health"

Our Research

The Institute’s roots are firmly planted in continuing research. Through a living trust endowed to the Institute by the Clarkes, grants fund the most promising research projects that have already uncovered a relationship between Emodin, a compound found in Aloe and the destruction of liver cancer cells. Other promising findings are exploring Aloe’s healing properties in gastrointestinal diseases, and the lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.

The institute is extremely proud of all the meaningful discoveries and findings by the diverse teams of doctors and scientists we’ve had the opportunity to support in their aloe-based research. These pages provide the nature of their exploration and summaries of their findings.

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Your contribution is tax-deductible as described on your receipt and to the extent allowed by law.
The Clarke Family Foundation is organized under the laws of the state of Florida, United States and is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. A copy of the latest financial report and registration filed by this organization can be obtained by contacting The Clarke Family Foundation, or by writing directly to:
The Clarke Family Foundation,
5200 Brittany Dr. South, #309
St. Petersburg,Fl 33715.

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