Aloe Education

10 Reasons Aloe Will Grow On You

Aloe Education
1. You Can’t Kill It

Whether your thumb is green or brown, a bright, shiny spot in the sun and a splash of water every couple of weeks is all it takes to maintain a healthy, productive aloe plant. Try it for yourself. Visit your local nursery and get one for your patio. Or better yet, DONATE to The Aloe Institute and we’ll send you your very own as our free gift.

2. Cholesterol, Lowered

Studies are showing an up to 30% reduction in cholesterol when part of a daily regimen. Those who have experienced the side effects of statin drugs have turned to this organic alternative for safe, natural reduction of blood cholesterol levels.

3. AIDS and Cancer Treatment

It’s not a cure, but studies and anecdotal evidence strongly supports improvements in patients suffering from AIDS and Cancer. Research and evidence conducted independently and under grants by The Institute confirm elevations in white blood cell counts and the shrinkage of multiple liver tumors in patients given a daily dose of aloe vera.

4. Take the Bite Out of Bug Bites

Pure aloe’s soothing and inflammation reducing properties make it the go to for garden variety stinging, burning or swollen insect bites. But never use aloe in lieu of a doctor or professional medical attention when symptoms are severe or don’t improve quickly.

5. Demystifying Detoxifying

Many aloe “junkies” attest to its detoxifying powers when consumed as juice in its pure form. Aloe has a known laxative effect that cleanses the colon and therefore, eliminates toxins from the body. Juices and smoothies are the most popular servings.

Watch this video to make your own aloe smoothie.

6. Inflammatory Statements

Inflammation is the body’s natural response mechanism to damage. In its most severe state, inflammation is often treated with steroids. Interestingly, aloe contains its own version of plant steroid that provides the known healing powers for burns, swelling and inflammation. Relief of chronic inflammation, such as that found in Crohn’s Disease and ulcers of the gastrointestinal system, is found in aloe. Aside from scientific studies on its anti-inflammatory properties, Success Stories associated with aloe abound.

7. Jar Full of Vitamins

For a plant that loves arid, desert conditions, it sure is chock full of vitamins and minerals. 200 or so active ingredients, to be exact. This cacophony works closely together in a what’s called Orchestra Healing, where each of the ingredients plays a specific role in healing the body. Look no further than aloe for a good source in vitamins B, A, C and E, plus your organic source of folic acid, calcium, selenium, zinc and magnesium, not to mention 20 of the 22 essential amino acids.

8. Chew On This

We mentioned aloe’s anti-inflammatory properties – which apply topically and internally. Aloe is uniquely suited to aiding in digestion by virtue of its natural habitat: the desert. Like a cactus, aloe stores a generous supply of nutrients for prolonged survival under hostile environmental conditions. Its soothing, succulent gel found in the filets stimulates the production of bile, ensuring the optimal breakdown of the foods you ingest.

9. Face Masking

Beauty queens (and kings alike) swear by the moisture-rejuvenating properties of aloe. A periodic once-over with pure, off the rind aloe is a spa treatment from the garden. Just a few minutes until it tingles then a rinse and instant refreshment. Religious users have noted aloe’s undeniable role in eliminating liver spots.

10. Oh, Yeah, It Cures Burns Too

Anyone who knows anything about aloe had their first experience with mom or an aunt slathering the fresh goo over a sunburn or other burn accident and realized aloe for the miracle plant it truly is.

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