About Us

Following a successful, lucrative career in industry, Jess and Evelyn Clarke, Sr. transformed their active retirement years into a not-for-profit organization combining the spirit of philanthropy with strong core family values to form The Aloe Institute. Since 1997, the Institute has been their personal living and giving legacy, paying something back to a world that has given them so much joy. The succession of family leadership at the Institute continues the Clarke’s relentless pursuit of the much-needed research to unlock the many breakthrough secrets still lying within the aloe plant.

Jess and Evelyn Clarke
The values they have lived by and their strong desire for family projects makes The Aloe Institute a perfect vehicle.
--The Clarke Family

The Aloe Institute Today

Today, family members Jane B. Grace (daughter) and Jess F. Clarke, Jr. (son), along with Ellen L. Fried, comprise the Institute’s Board of Directors. The founders’ succession plan ensured that the decision-making process remains a “family” responsibility in keeping with their core values of care and open communication. The Institute continues forward in its pursuit of its Core Goals:

Jess Clarke inspecting Aloe Vera as it is being harvested for research.
  • To continue funding high-value, Aloe related research projects with the greatest immediate impact.
  • To nurture global interest in Aloe through knowledge sharing and the dissemination of research findings to the scientific community and educational institutions.
  • To identify and fund other promising, charitable organizations with like-minded goals for humankind.
  • To broaden global acceptance and use of aloe as an integral part of every wellness program.
Jane B Grace



Our founders Jess and Evelyn Clarke were very farsighted. They anticipated that encouraging self sufficiency in their children and grandchildren would present constant and challenging opportunities.

Remaining true to their intent and living up to their expectations, we continue to operate with the ideals of our founders in mind.

Pursuing strategies including grant making and investing concepts, our hope is to strengthen and share what we learn. The Aloe Institute has engaged in two areas of interest--Aloe Research, Aloe Education and most recently, eye care as both parents had macular degeneration. We have selected programs and projects that will lead to enriching society through medical research and education. I hope that you will join us in our quest for knowledge that heals, cures and improves the lives of people worldwide.”

Jane B. Grace
President, The Aloe Institute

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