2013 - Dietary Supplement for Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Dietary Supplement for Type II Diabetes Mellitus

North Texas Medical Associates
Ivan E. Danhof, Ph.D, M.D


Diabetes mellitus type 2 (formerly termed non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) or adult-onset diabetes) is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood glucose in the context of insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency. This is in contrast to diabetes mellitus type 1, in which there is an absolute insulin deficiency due to destruction of the islet cells in the pancreas. The classic symptoms are excessive thirst, frequent urination, and constant hunger. Type 2 diabetes makes up about 90% of cases of diabetes with the other 10% due primarily to diabetes mellitus type 1 and gestational diabetes. Obesity is thought to be the primary cause of type 2 diabetes in people who are genetically predisposed to the disease. Type 2 diabetes is initially managed by increasing exercise and dietary modification.

Rates of type 2 diabetes have increased markedly over the last 50 years in parallel with obesity. As of 2010 there were approximately 285 million people with the disease compared to around 30 million in 1985. (SmithS, Heron A: Diabetes and obesity: the twin epidemics. Nature Medicine 12(1):75-80, 2006). Long-term complications from high blood sugar can include heart disease. strokes, diabetic retinopathy where eyesight is affected, kidney failure which may require dialysis, and poor circulation of limbs leading to amputations.


Dietary Supplement for Type II Diabetes Mellitus Test Product

The test product is called Dextrol derived from Dextrose Control. Dextrose is another name for blood sugar (glucose) and the name reflects what the product does, i.e., it regulates the level of blood sugar or glucose in the blood.

Most fluid products derived from Aloe Vera contain about 2,000 milligrams per 100 milliliters of long chains of molecules called methanol precipitable solids. The concentration of Dextrol is 10,000 milligrams per 100 milliliters.


The usual dosage is one tablespoon (15 mls) taken before breakfast in the morning and before the evening meal, either alone or with a small amount of water. The dosage may need to be increased in persons who are over-weight to normalize the blood glucose and triglyceride (fat) levels. The final beneficial dosage may require a few days, but can usually be achieved without any undesirable side-effects. Persons on oral hypoglycemic agents may need to reduce the amount of these medications taken daily as the Dextral supplement contributes its share toward normalization of the carbohydrate and lipid metabolic processes. Some persons have been able to stop taking their oral hypoglycemic medications entirely.

How Dextrol Works

  • 1. Aloe leaves were dried, pulverized, and extracted with aqueous MeOH (1:1). The extracted material was concentrated, filtered, dialyzed against distilled water, reconstituted and dried. Two kilograms of pulverized leaves yielded 4.9 grams of brown, powdery polysaccharide (yield = 0.245%). The material was found to consist of two separate glycans, termed arborans A and B. The glycans, when tested in normal and alloxanized mice, elicited a marked hypoglycemic effect. The fact that the plasma glucose was decreased in the alloxanized animal model, which is incapable of producing insulin, suggests that other mechanisms (than insulin action) must be considered as being responsible.
  • 2. When the energy production in the cells is disturbed, fat is mobilized from adipose tissue storage areas and is used as the fuel for energy production.
  • 3. As a result, the Type II Diabetes Mellitus patient shows the following:
    a. An elevated level of blood glucose
    b. An elevated insulin level
    c. An elevated level of blood fats (triglycerides)
  • 4. Dextral, over a period of time, corrects these problems.

Additional Info

  • Grant Year:: 2013
  • Recipient:: Ivan E. Danhof, Ph.D, M.D
  • Grant Amount:: $
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