2010 - Foundation Fighting Blindness

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Retinal Disease Research

Your support has aided the Foundation's ongoing commitment to funding research to save and restore sight to over 10 million Americans.

Our grant has helped fund various research projects that may lead to the discovery and development of promising preventions, treatments, and cures for age-related macular degeneration. Such advances will make a tremendous difference not only to those affected by this devastating disease, but also to future generations of their families that also may be at risk for developing age-related macular degenteration.

The Aloe Institute's commitment to the Foundation is a reflection of FFB's solid reputation as a leader in the field of retinal disease research, ability to attract top scientific talent, and ability to identify and fund high quality scientific projects.

  • At the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Joe Hollyfield has discovered a way to produce AMD-like changes in the retinas of lab mice. This breakthrough will help researchers in evaluating treatments in future AMD therapies.
  • At the University of Dentistry and Medicine in New Jersey, Dr. Zarbin is developing ways to transplant retinal cells in mice with geographic atrophy, Dry AMD, and learning how to slow the rejection of the implanted cells.
  • At the Medical University of South Carolina, Dr. Rohrer is developing a designer protein to block inflammation associated with capillary growth. Her work is pointing to a whole new approach to treating wet AMD.
  • Also at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Hagstrom has isolated two genes that direct the production of proteins that participate in immune reactions. She has found that these genes most likely are affected by HDL in the blood!
  • At Duke University, Dr. Katsan has confirmed that HDL could be related to the risk of developing AMD. His work will help scientists and clinicians be able to make better diagnoses of the disease.

Additional Info

  • Grant Year:: 2010
  • Recipient:: Foundation Fighting Blindness
  • Grant Amount:: $70,000
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